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Cemre: A warmth that is believed to fall on air, water, and earth.

Cennet: A heavenly place for the righteous after death.

Ceren: A young gazelle.

Cevriye: Someone who endures hardship.

Cevza: Gemini zodiac sign.

Ceyda: A tall, beautiful, and graceful woman.

Ceydanaz: A charming and beautiful woman.

Ceydacan: A beautiful friend.

Ceyla: Dedicated to humanity.

Ceylan: A graceful woman with beautiful eyes, akin to a gazelle.

Ceylin: A gateway to paradise.

Ceysu: As pure as water.

Cezire: An island in the sea.

Cezlan: A happy person.

Cezmiye: Someone who is resolute in their decisions.

Cihan: The universe, the world.

Cihanay: A beauty that encompasses the world.

Cihandide: A world traveler.

Cihancan: A friend of the world.

Cihangül: A world filled with roses.

Cihannur: Light that spreads to the world.

Cihanter: Light that illuminates the world.

Cili: The bright spots around the moon.

Cilvenaz: A coquettish and charming woman.

Cinan: Paradise.

Cudiye: A generous person.

Can: Life, beloved.

Cana: A term of endearment meaning “my dear.”

Canan: A beloved woman.

Candan: Sincere, from the heart.

Canel: A hand of friendship.

Canfeza: Revitalizing, bringing joy to life.

Cankız: A beloved, charming girl.

Cansel: Life-giving, reviving.

Cansın: Truly heartfelt and sincere.

Cansu: Beloved, delightful; also, water of life.

Cavidan: Eternal, everlasting.

Cemile: A smiling, joyful woman.

Ceylan: A gazelle, symbolizing grace.

Ceylin: The door to paradise.

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